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    Anhui Huake Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in the historical and cultural city of Tongcheng City, was founded in one nine nine one, mainly engaged in R & D, production of carbon spring steel wire and related railway accessoriesand manufacturing. Specializing in the production of "China" and "the iron source" brand special railway products and carbon spring steel wire products. Through many years of efforts and development, has now become a set research and development, design and manufacturing,technical consultation and after sale service as one of professional enterprises.

    The company's main products: railway locomotive vehicle accessories,machinery and equipment, steel wire wheel brush, rubber and plastic products, abrasive abrasive, brush products, carbon spring steel wiremanufacturing, sales.

    Company has strong technical strength, excellent production equipment,has a group of high-quality technical staff and sales personnel. To "quality first, customer first" for the purpose of. "Sincere customer service" for the purpose, "hard work, pioneering, innovation, beyond" spirit to contend for the market, high quality, seeking development. Make great contributions to the local economic development, many departments of the awards, and create a good social and economic benefits.

    The company all staff will be happy to superb technology and high quality products, to provide satisfactory service for our customers.



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